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Board of Management 2015/2019

Chairperson: John Whyte
Treasurer: Marie Cullen
Secretary: Patricia English
Teacher Rep: Paul Sexton
Parent Reps: AnnMarie O’Mahony  | Noel Spencer
Community Reps: David Ryan | Marie Cullen
Patrons Rep: Fr John O’Neill

Board of Management Annual Report 2017

School Self improvement Plan

One of the most important undertakings this year was the setting up of Partnership Schools Ireland (PSI) in Lisvernane N.S. This is a joint initiative by the National Parents Council Primary and the Irish Primary Principals Network, and aims to achieve better educational, health and well-being outcomes for children. Members of the PSI team attended two 3 hour training sessions, members include children, parents, teachers, special needs assistants and members of the community. This is an opportunity for the school and parents to work together to improve communication and support children. For 2018 they have devised an action plan to organise station teaching in Irish with 5th and 6th class for one hour per week, during which time children are fully immersed in spoken irish. Secondly this very active group are busy at present organising Orienteering for the pupils of Lisvernane N.S.
All teachers are engaging in continous professional development. Also in 2017 we have compiled a policy on “Strategy for attendance” for Lisvernane N.S.

Whole School community

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people who supported, contributed and given of their time to support and promote learning in our school. A special thanks to all the parents who assisted us in our school concert. Your help is very much appreciated by all the students and staff of Lisvernane N.S.

Major fund raining events
Silver Circle Draw raised – €7890
Tipperary Co-op donated €700 towards new jersey’s
Christmas Concert raffle – €780.40

Mission Statement

Lisvernane NS is a School which strives to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure learning environment, where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of our pupils are identified and addressed.

While Lisvernane N.S. is a school with a Catholic ethos, it also gives due recognition to children of all other religious beliefs and none.We aim to provide an appropriate, stimulating and broadly challenging education for all our pupils. We aim to encourage language, learning and the appreciation of languages and their place in our culture and heritage.

Lisvernane N.S. encourages the involvement of parents through home-school contacts and through their involvement in the development and growth of the Parents’ Association.
At Lisvernane N.S. we endeavour to enhance the self-esteem of everyone in their school community, to instil in the pupils respect for themselves, for other people and for property and to encourage the development of personal responsibility. We aim to prepare our pupils for their place in a modern multicultural society by actively promoting equality and by celebrating the diversity we have within our school community.We strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the professional and personal development of teachers through staff development programmes.

Lisvernane NS encourages our pupils to have respect for diversity, environmental awareness and appreciation of our community.

Our school embraces:

  • A sense of fairness and right relationships with all other persons
  • Deep respect for all people.
  • Forgiveness and new beginnings: A place where grudges are not held.
  • Respect and Dignity: Deep intrinsic respect for all others.
  • Affirmation and Tolerance: That we speak to, react to and act towards others respectful of their dignity.
  • Personal Faith Formation: Formal prayer, religion lesson, celebrations of sacraments and the liturgy seasons of the year.
  • Belonging: That all experience a sense of belonging and contribute to the promotion of the desired ethos of the school.
  • Understanding: Teachers and pupils have positive experiences of school and positive relations are fostered.

School Achievements

Our Principal Ms English had a beautiful Baby boy.
Congratulations to Aoife O’Callagnan who began work on 25th Sept 2017.
Congratulations also to Ms Kinihan who has been promoted to the post of Assistant Principal 2.
Diane Cunningham was appointed as caretaker in October.
Lisvernane N.S. obtained sponsorship for a set of jerseys from Tipp Co-op.
Parent teacher meetings were held last October.
Book fair was held in March.
An Gardaí Síochána visited the school to talk to the children around Halloween Safety.
Silver Circle draw Launched in November.
We invested in new toys / play equipment for each classroom.
U11 Boys won Football County final.
The “2 Johnnies” came to our school to present medals to pupils.
Grandparent’s day was celebrated last April, on this day we planted cherry blossoms with all in attendance. We also planted a maple tree which was given to us by Arch Bishop Kieran O’Rielly in honour of the Children who received the Sacrament of Confirmation last April.
School Website updated.
Post Office savings scheme set up throughout the school.
Children attended a range of table quizzes.
Children participated in interschool Debating competition.
Christmas Jumper Day in December and monies raised went to Beaumont Hospital.
Ladies Night was organised in Dec – Fantastic night was had by all.
School Brass Band performed in Church for mass before Christmas.
All classes attended shows in December, infants went to see Paddington, 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th went to see Lion King and 5th and 6th went to see Mamma Mia.
School Concert took place on 21st December.
Food collected in school in December for Tipperary Lions club Food appeal.
Statement of strategy for school attendance compiled.

Policy Development

The following policies have been reviewed, updated and ratified this year.

  • Anti Bullying policy
  • Enrolment policy
  • S.P.H.E
  • Job Sharing Policy
  • Class Allocation Policy
  • Sincere thanks to all the people involved in the development/updating of these policies.

    Summer Works/Buildings

    Our Summer works application to upgrade heating system is still in process and we are awaiting further information from the DES.

    During the summer we had all of the toilets in the school refurbished. All classrooms in the school are now en-suite and pupils no longer have to leave the classroom to use the bathroom. This will greatly enhance health and safety in the school.