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Lisvernane NS Band

How did it all start?

It  was  the  brain child  of  Dan Creed, one  time  owner  of  Coach  Road  Bar, in  the  Glen   of  Aherlow . Dan thought Aherlow should have a children’s band, and at that time brought the matter up at a Muintir Na Tire meeting in the local hall, but got no encouragement whatsoever. There seemed to be very little interest and less enthusiasm. After some discussion at various meetings, it was decided to forget about it as nobody was thought capable of almighty effort required to get it off the ground.  

Never to be daunted, this only spurred Dan on. He accepted the challenge and off he went to Tipperary Town with his “great idea”. “A Great Idea” was a favourite phrase of Dan’s. He had quite a few great ideas for the Glen while he was here but this was one that worked out for him, much to his delight.

The Maestro

Who did he meet in Tipperary but the Maestro of Music himself Mick Tuohy!  He told Mick about this idea of his and stressed the fact that we had a very accomplished, but extremely shy teacher, in the Glen in the person of a Corkman, Tom O’Shea, who would take over the running of the Band if it was once, started. Now, anyone who knows Tom knows he is anything but shy. However, the yarn worked and to make a long story short it was announced  off the altar and in school  that a children’s band was to be started in Lisvernane school the following Saturday under the baton of Mick Tuohy, who was ‘Mr music’ himself  .          


Technology plays an important role in our school. We have a set of school tablet computers that can be used by each class on a timetabled basis. We also have some laptop computers that are used mainly by the senior classes, also on a timetabled basis. All classrooms have data projectors and visualisers that are used on a daily basis. All teachers make great use of technology for their own administrative work as well as enhancing the lessons for the children. Third and fourth class are currently working on their own powerpoints. They have chosen their own topics and work on them both home and in school with the support of teachers and parents.