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This theme aims to increase the number of students walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport or carpooling to school

The Department of Transport is funding this programme with the following objectives:

Promote walk to school initiatives such as WOW days, walking buses, Park 'n Stride days.

*Promote cycle/scoot to school initiatives through the provision of cycle/scooter training in schools, cycle parking facilities.

*Promote carpooling through consultation with the wider population served by schools.

*Raise awareness of travel alternatives through the development of children/parent/teacher transport workshops, presentations & annual competitions. Why Green-Schools Travel? Environment.

*Climate change (from burning fossil fuels and producing CO2 emissions) 

Pollution Local issues:


*Road Safety

Car dependent culture Personal:

*Health & fitness

*Freedom of choice

Social development How you as parents can help your school to get their Green Travel Flag? We understand that there may be concerns over certain factors in travelling to school: safety, weather, etc. Awareness raising plays a large role in this respect. By engaging the children in discussions, it will encourage them to think about what can be done to overcome these concerns. e.g. road safety awareness, cycle training, proper clothing, structured walking/cycling days